Francesca Uluhogian, born in Parma on 29th January 1970, resident in  Monticelli Terme (PR); domiciled in Pisa; Tel 050-871260, mobile no.: 339-3670805.


1989: Scientific school diploma.

1996: 12th July, graduated from Natural Science faculty at Parma University, final grade 101/110. Degree thesis title “Ciliated protozoa in Bobbio’s thermal waters”. The study proposed an analysis of the population of these microorganisms in relation to chemical parameters determined by myself: pH, conductibility, oxygen dissolved, sulphurs/sulphates. The thesis was published with the title: Ciliated protozoa in a geothermal sulphur spring , Hydrobiologia 353: 161-170,1997.


1997/98: I took three courses at the Scuola di Specializzazione in Gestione delle Risorse Naturali “L’Università nel Bosco” (School for Specialisation in Management of Natural Resources), organised by the Centro Studi Faunistici ed Ecologici, in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, at the Universities of Urbino and Florence.

1° course programme: “Fauna Planning and Management: investigation methodology and intervention techniques”.

2° course programme: “Restoration and environmental improvement techniques to increase biodiversity”.

3° course programme: “Reproduction, environmental resources and dispersion in land vertebrates: models and problems applied”.

I took part in a work camp in the Uccellina Park (Grosseto) where we carried out entrapment of the fauna and relative studies, using the radio-trekking technique.

I worked as a volunteer at the “Bird of Prey Recovery Centre” of LIPU in Sala Baganza (PR).

1998/99: I attended a post-degree course “Master in Conservation and Management of Fauna”, organised by Florence University in collaboration with A.R.S.I.A, and passed the final exam. During the course I submitted a thesis entitled: “ Planning the re-introduction of grey partridges – Technical and Scientific Problems –“, I qualified as Fauna Technician, and can operate throughout Italy.

I attended a Course for Naturalistic Instructors and Environmental Tutors, organised by Wildlife Conservation and Research and by C.R.E.A. (Research Centre for Applied Ecology) of Turin.

I attended a Naturalistic Course organised by the National Pro-Nature Federation, Parma branch, focussing on the geology, fauna and flora typical of the area surrounding Parma.

I took part in various initiatives for census and entrapment of roe-deer and hares with nets.

I attended a course on “The tracks of mammals” organised by the association Pithekos, Milan.

2000: I participated at a two-day conference on “Management of wild ungulates: problems and solutions” held in Perugia in April.

I took part in a training course in Trento from the 4th to the 9th September: Biological Methods for mapping the quality of waterways.

I took part in a training course from the 14th to the 17th December “Management and Conservation of wild ungulates”, at the headquarters of the Gigante Regional Park, Busana (RE).

2001: I attended a course organised by the Region of Tuscany totalling 600 hours in Livorno gaining authorisation to work professionally as a Guida Ambientale Escursionistica (Environmental Tour Guide – G.A.E.) in Tuscany. I also passed an exam organised by the Emilia–Romagna Region gaining the same authorisation for Emilia–Romagna.

I came 5th in the selection competition organised by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, qualifying for the regional list, for two posts offered as Assistant Technician – Ex VI functional qualification – Conservation Service Area B.

Touristic Guide, Lucca 2016


1997: one-year contract with A.M.N.U. (Municipal Firm for Urban Cleanliness) in Parma , following the recycling of rubbish in schools.

1998: I worked for Florence University on the “Partridge Project”, following their reintroduction, adjustment and nesting.

1998/00: I worked as naturalistic guide for the Taro Fluvial Park (Province of Parma), on a project for environmental studies in schools, developing teaching packages to use firstly at school and subsequently in the Park itself.

1999/2005: I  worked with the A.R.D.E.A. Cooperative in Livorno, as excursion, marine and naturalistic guide, in the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, and in the San Rossore, Massacciuccoli and Migliarino Natural Parks, and in other areas of Tuscany.

2000/2004: I worked with the Farmhouse accommodation “LE RENE” in Pisa in the field of environmental education. – I have been in charge of a project for the control of raven end magpie , foxes and coypus for the Pisa area.

2001/2003: I have been working for the Massa Province on censures and entrapment of hares in a repopulation and entrapment area.

I worked with the “Le Muse” Cooperative in Lucca in the field of environmental education and as escursion guide. I also worked for them in 2001 as guide at the “Natural History Museum of the Territory” at the Certosa of Calci (PI) and design teaching packages for classes in schools within the borough of San Giuliano Terme.

Since 2003: I have been working with the Coop. Pelagos as Environmental Guide in the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

I’m a Freelance guide, and I’m still working for Association, Travel Agencies, cooperation, for others guides and by myself.


*Good knowledge of English: B2 vantage
*Knowledge  level A2 of Spanish
*Basic knowledge of the German: certified Goethe A1
*Basic knowledge of Armenian

1989: 2-month trip to U.S.A staying with a family.
1994: 40-day trip to U.S.A. staying with a family.

1990: I attended an intensive 1-month course in Armenian at the Armenian College in Venice

2007: Language School: 20 days in the United States to the LAL language school of the Florida.

2008: Language School: 15 days of the United States to the EF Education in California.

2008/2009 course of German: Deutsche Institut in Pisa.
2011: Language School: 20 days to Santander – Spain
2014: Language School: 15 days in Seville – Spain